Driving Events

Have you ever watched a car race on TV and looked through the in-car camera and wondered what it would be like to drive on track? Well here's a way to make that happen. You can drive your own car in a safe and controlled environment at the world's premier road course, Watkins Glen International.

The day at the track begins at 6:30 AM each morning at Gate 2. You are required to sign the Watkins Glen International track waiver form at Gate 2 prior to entering the facility each day.  Registration opens at 7:00 AM. During the event registration process, you must sign the event waiver. You’ll need to do this the morning of both days. If you have a garage bay, the assignments will be the same for both days. You then proceed to your assigned garage space, if applicable and prepare your vehicle for technical inspection.  Next, If you didn’t do the Sunday night tech, proceed to the technical inspection area in bays 1 and 30 where your car will be inspected to insure it is track worthy.  There is a mandatory driver meeting at 8:00 AM and the track driving begins at 8:30 AM.  If required or requested, you will be assigned an instructor and you are required to accept his or her assistance.  Once the instructor is convinced you can drive the track and obey the rules you will be allowed solo access to the track for the remainder of the event.  You will have two sessions in the morning and two sessions in the afternoon each day.  You will have ample time on track.  Remember that in most cases you are driving a street car not a prepared car.  You may think your brakes will last for fifty laps but we know that they won't. The on track sessions are of sufficient length to get up a good driving rhythm, but not to long to abuse the equipment.