Trial Program

So you're sitting at home or in a restaurant with your friends and you're watching that car race on TV and you look through the in car camera as the car goes around the track and you say to yourself, I think I'd like to try that.  You've got the car, or you could get one for the event, so you check into it and find that it's not cheap for a good two day school and you're not sure that it's worth the investment if you get there and you try it and decide you don't like it.

Well we've thought about the cost portion of it too and we think we can help. We've created the Trial On Track Program. This program allows you to go through the first day ‘ground school’ and get one twenty minute session on track with an instructor. If you love it, and you’re hooked, you can sign up immediately for the rest of the two day program. If not, you're done for the event and you can either stay and be a spectator or leave the track at you convenience.
So what's the catch? There isn't one. We've been doing on-track events at Watkins Glen International for nearly thirty years and we know that there is a certain amount of uncertainty when making the decision to try something like this. So we're going to make it easy to try it. It's that simple. If you've taken the time to investigate this, you probably know someone who's done it before and has been telling you to try it. Well here's your chance.
Here's how it works:
The program is only available for the first novice session on the first day. You will be provided with a tech sheet to inspect your car prior to the event via US Mail, E-Mail, or you can download it from the Phoenix CMR Inc. web site. Be sure to fill out both pages. Your car must pass tech and you must be ready before the 8AM driver's meeting. You are required to provide your own Snell 2010 rated helmet and you will need to wear long pants and closed toed shoes while in the vehicle on track. SA rated helmets are recommended. The driver's meeting ends around 8:30AM and is held at the north end of the garage near bays 1 and 30. The classroom session or ground school begins at 8:40AM in the classroom, also at the north end of the garage, and lasts for 20 minutes. You are required to attend. If you do not attend, you forfeit the signup fee and you'll be asked to leave. Immediately after exiting the classroom, go to your vehicle and wait for the Group One staging announcement. Bring your vehicle to staging and line up with the other Group One student's cars so you are ready to go on track at 9:50AM. Your instructor will meet you at your vehicle and from that point on you’re in his or her charge. There are several people with CREW T shirts in the garage and paddock area to answer questions and give directions. Please take advantage of their help if you need it.
What's it cost?
 The one time on track session is $150.00. This fee provides you with one classroom and one 20 minute on track session with an instructor. If, at the end of your one session you love it and want to continue, you can pay the appropriate registration fee minus the $150.00 program fee you have already paid.